Nooniversity:WELL Building 101

By AIA Kansas City (other events)

Wednesday, September 26 2018 12:00 PM 1:00 PM

The WELL Building Standard has just crossed the 100 million SF threshold for project registration. As a performance-based standard, WELL includes requirements that the project actually operates in accordance with the standard in order to achieve certification. What many teams are discovering in the process of pursuing WELL is that the evolution from prescriptive standards, like LEED, to performance standards like WELL, introduces a new paradigm into the design process. “How will my building perform?” and “what happens if it doesn’t?” are questions that have to be analyzed in the design process.

BranchPattern will share strategies that their team is using on WELL projects to achieve the performance requirements, particularly in the areas of Air, Water, Light and Comfort. Projects that will serve as WELL case studies include both new and existing commercial interiors, K-12, speculative office developments, and a historic building renovation.

These case studies will highlight the different approaches available for new buildings vs. existing buildings; what makes WELL projects different than LEED projects; and how to set your project up to succeed when performance verification occurs.

This program is worth 1 HSW and lunch will be provided.

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